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Temperature Sensors


Albion manufactures a range of temperature sensors for industrial temperature compensation applications. Work piece sensors are of durable construction and feature floating heads. Gage fixture sensors are intended to take the temperature of any fixture, rather than air temperature, that is used in the measuring process, such as a gage frame, since ambient temperature does not necessarily represent the temperature that is affecting the measurment.


Custom Sensors: We build custom sensors to customer specifications. Please do not hesitate to request a quotation.


Workpiece Temperature Sensors, wired, AD590 I/C s and PT-100 RTD

Albion's unique work piece temperature sensors respond typically within 2 to 5 seconds of making contact, depending on surface texture, flatness or roundness of that surface.


Sensors are based on AD590 I/C s or PT-100 RTD. For more details click here.


Gage (Fixture) Sensors
Designed to monitor the temperature of a measuring instrument or gage fixture, these sensors allow a temperature compensation system to correct for drift as a result of thermal changes after mastering.


Wireless Temperature Sensors
TX-500 Sensor


  • Battery powered (rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries).

  • Easy battery access for changing.

  • Sensor double spring mounted to 1) prevent damage through accidental contact and 2) ensure essential flat face contact.

  • Utilizes Albion’s durable, long lasting AD-200 sensor design (long stroke) currently in common usage, built into module attached to HSK63 (and/or HSK 100) tool holder mount.

  • Platinum sensor reading chip or circuit.

  • Quick change screws for easy sensor replacement or interchangeability (different sensor configuration, e.g right angle, radius, narrower tip).

  • Multiple channel pairing (eliminates cross talk between pairs of transmitters and receivers in close proximity).

  • Operating temperature range: 5°C to 55°C.

  • Can be spun for cleaning/drying.

  • Minimized battery usage – maximizes battery life.

  • Analog/Digital conversion.

  • Transmit to receiver, 2.4MHz wavelength.

  • Approximate length: 330 mm or 13 inches. Approximate weight: 1.7 kilograms or 3.8 lbs

  • Accuracy:

    • +/- 0.5°C or better over 15°C to 35°C range in 3 seconds.

    • +/- 0.5°C or better over 10°C to 50°C range in 5 seconds.



Available air blow-off tube (not shown).


WR-400 Receiver​

  • Digital/Analog conversion of signal from transmitter.

  • Auto channel finding for multiple channel pairing.

  • LED displays received temperature and messages.

  • Relay low battery signal to user.

  • Employs addressing so as to avoid interference when several units in single plant.

  • Power supply (internal).

  • Mountable, sturdy enclosure.

  • Cable length: TBD

  • Outputs:

    • 4 – 20 mA

    • Platinum 100 ohm sensor output

    • DC voltage 0 – 10 volts

    • RS232

    • USB


Length, with mounting brackets: 7.2 inches or 183mm

Width: 4.62 inches or 117.4 mm

Height: 2.0 inches or or 51 mm

Height with antenna: 6.2 inches or 157.5 mm



In Process Work Piece Sensor
Diamond faced sensors can be applied to workpieces during machining processes such as grinding


Grinding frequently puts more energy into a workpiece and in-process gage than can be removed by coolants. Thermally induced measurement errors can be minimized by using these sensors along with a compensation system.

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