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Bearing, or "Stack" Gage


User friendly touch screen PC with user friendly software. The system can be retrofitted to previous generations of Albion’s railroad bearing gages or it can be installed on entirely new gages.


Software features include:

  • Albion's Digigage software for bearing gage applications.

  • Upper and Lower Average dimension (compensated for temperature)

  • Analog representation of average dimensions

  • Tolerance limit markers

  • TIR (Total Indicator Read out – for out-of-round condition monitoring)

  • Live LVDT reading (compensated for temperature)

  • Temperatures of workpiece, master and gage

  • Feature or Part name

  • "Out of tolerance", "rework", "Scrap" or "TIR exceeded" indications

  • Create, save and retrieve part or feature functions.....and many other functions.


Hardware Features include:

  • LVDTs in floating shuttles find center instantly.

  • Temperature sensor mounted in base contacts under side of bearing or master when in position.

  • Second sensor monitors gage temperature.

  • Touch screen PC display


Size Adjustment kits:

Easy changeover size adjustment kits are available for railroad standard and custom sizes. Change the diameter configuration of your gage within 10 minutes.

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