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Temperature Compensation Systems and Amplifiers



TComp II is the latest version of Albion's temperature compensated gaging systems. It is a unique, small, versatile, user programmable, multi-purpose gaging device or temperature compensation system capable of correcting other electronic gages for thermal errors.

Use as a Digital Indicator, with LVDT on flexible cable.


Standard LVDT cable length is 1 meter.


Several LVDT size, resolution and measurement ranges options are available.


Application options include OD or ID measurement, Out of Round (TIR) meaurement, distance measurement.


Albion 5000 sensor amplifier.


Two channel unit reads the output from up to two of Albion’s temperature sensors and converts the signals to scalable analog voltage ranges. Signals can then be read by analog input channels on a host such as a gaging or data acquisition system. 


AD 5000.jpg
Use as a Temperature Compensated Gaging System

Tcomp II senses temperatures of master, workpiece and gage while measuring, makes adjustment in real time, and displays output as if all were at 68°F(20°C). User programmable with separate coefficients of expansion for part, master and gage. Adaptable to bench top and hand held gages. Available with a range of workpiece temperature sensors. Capable of over 95% thermal compensation efficiency.

TComp II ("tee-comp 2") Indicator/Gaging Computer


Low cost, versatile, small, multi purpose temperature compensated gaging computer with user friendly touch screen, part/feature # parameter storage and menu driven user interface.


TComp can be used as a temperature compensated gaging computer with single LVDT input and temperature sensors, or with temperature sensors so as to compute and output a thermal correction for a host gage, or just with a single LVDT as a digital indicator.

  • Measurement range/LVDT travel: ± .02 inch (± 0.5mm)

  • Resolution: 0 .00001 inch, 0.00025 mm

  • Repeatability: ±.0 .00001 inch, 0.00025 mm

  • Storage for up to 19 part/feature definitions

  • Temperature ranges

Environmental: 32°F(0°C) - 125°F(51°C)

Workpiece: 32°F(0°C) - 150°F(65°C)

  • Humidity range: Maximum 95% relative non condensing.

  • Response times: 3 to 5 seconds depending on surface shape.

  • Electrostatic discharge: Tested to + 15kv (I.E.C. spec. 801-2, 1984)

  • Communications output: RS-232

  • Controller

    • Weight: 10 oz

    • Size: 3.75"x2.575"x2.375"

  • Touch screen liquid crystal digital display

  • RS232 output;

  • Rechargeable battery or A/C powered;

  • User programmable tolerances and much more.

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