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TComp II with Wi-Fi (TComp IIw)



Wi-FI Now Available


Albion Devices, Inc., has developed a Wi-Fi link that will connect TComp II gages wirelessly to a PC. This feature is available in new gages or it can be retrofitted to existing TComp II equipped gages (controller front panel is red – older TComps have a grey face plate). The package includes new Wi-Fi circuitry fitted internally to the TComp II controller and a receiver that connects to a PC via USB cable. Wi-Fi equipped units will be known by the model name TComp IIw.


Now your gaging data can be easily transmitted wirelessly to your SPC system or quality control documentation.

Interface Protocol


There are two ways to initiate transmission of data from the Wi-Fi equipped TComp IIw:

  1. The SEND button will transmit the displayed measurement once, in either Wedge mode or Terminal mode, depending on selection on receiver.

  2. TComp IIw uses simple ASCII characters to communicate remotely in Terminal mode. Format is as follows:

The host, if requesting data, must send simple commands to Tcomp IIw to initiate an action.         

Example 1:  Mastering ( setting to ZERO ) TComp IIw is done by sending the ASCII characters: “$1”, then a carriage return (CR).  Example 2: The temperature corrected size measurement is obtained by sending the letter “M”, then a carriage return.  (case sensitive; use capital M)

Format of data to be transmitted from the TComp IIw.

  1.  9600,8, N, 1       = 9600 baud   (default setting)

   8  data bits

   No parity

   1 stop bit          

  1.  All responses are terminated in a <CR>, <LF>.

  2.  All commands must terminate in a <CR>.

  3.  Multiple commands are OK, but require a comma between, as in : M,T <CR>

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