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Non Contact Ultrasonic Gaging


Albion's non-contact ultrasonic gaging and positioning systems use air coupled, pulse echo acoustic technology which permits non contact gauging for many industrial applications.


Noncontact ultrasonic dimensional gauging applications include measurement of thickness, distance, position, perpendicularity, shape, and orientation.


Accuracy in controlled environments:

Over a range of 2.500 to 12.0000 inch (63 to 305 mm): 0.0005 inch (0.013 mm).

Over a range of 12.0000 to 20.0000 inch (305 to 508 mm) the greater of +/- 0.2% of range or +/- 0.001 inch (0.025 mm).


The controller and Windows 7 compatible application software provide communications with other devices and the means to calibrate and to set up many options such as high and low limits and diagnostics. They also provide communications with other devices via several options. On board software permits the selection of sample rates for rapidly moving targets, high and low limits, relay configuration, echo selection, target filtering, and diagnostics.


Other options for gauging include the use of parabolic mirrors for focusing, tilting mirrors for sound directional changes, and shaded apertures for surface detail in cluttered backgrounds.


We welcome the opportunity to work with OEMs.


Albion specializes in customized systems for ultrasonic measurement applications such as in-line thickness measuring machines using arrays of sensors as shown above, positioning systems, bore and annulus diameters, etc. We welcome the opportunity to work with OEMs. Call Albion to discuss your needs.


Outputs: RS232, RS 422, USB, Relay, 0 – 10 volts dc output range 0 to 18 inches (0 to .0572 m)

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