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Temperature Probes and Wedges

Plant Floor – Direct capture of temperature data.


Enter temperature readings automatically into process and quality control software without the need for manual logging. Options include cable connectivity to USB “FireWedge” or wireless connection with a range of up to 100 feet for remote transmission also to USB “FireWedge”. Simply plug “FireWedge” into a PC USB port to be able to insert data directly into Plex software. No additional software needs to be loaded onto your PC. Choose from our standard probes or request customized solutions for your applications.


Output in either RS232 terminal format or direct wedge input into data fields.


Products include:


1. Platinum PT-100 temperature probe attached by cable to FireWedge.
2. Platinum PT-100 temperature probe attached to wireless transmitter plus FireWedge with built-in wireless receiver.

Albion FireWedge Operational Overview


FireWedge is designed to collect temperature information and enter it directly into a field in a web based browser or other computer program as if the data were being entered from a keyboard. (Optionally, it can also be simply configured so as to send data in a format that can be read by a HyperTerminal program or similar software.)


Wedge Set up:  Plug the Receiver into a USB port.  The first use will cause the computer to install its

standard keyboard driver to communicate with the Wedge. This process will take around 45 seconds.  Wait for the “Ready to use” notice. After the first use FireWedge is recognized very quickly.





The FireWedge Receiver comes with its own temp probe that plugs into the end of the enclosure. There is an orientation; turn it over if it will not go in.  When plugged in, the FireWedge Receiver works with the attached temperature probe. Push the STATUS button and temps will be sent one at a time to your program of choice. In the case of Excel, open a worksheet and then highlight a cell. Numbers will be entered into the selected cell. If Excel is set up to move the cursor after data entry then the next “SEND” command will enter data in the next cell.  The “SEND” LED will blink once when the “STATUS” button is pressed.





The FireWedge Transmitter can also work with the Receiver as a remote temperature collection device.  To use it follow these steps:


1) Unplug the temp probe from the Receiver.  This tells the receiver to accept Wi-Fi signals from the Transmitter.


2) Turn on the power to the Transmitter (connected to a temperature probe) using the slide switch.  (Turn off power to conserve battery life when not in use).


3) Press the red button once to send temperature data. The data received wirelessly by the receiver will be entered into the computer program being used without making any other changes. You can switch between the Receiver temperature probe and the Transmitter temperature probe by inserting or removing the Receiver temperature probe.

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