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Large Diameter Gaging

Albion will develop a custom solution to provide the most accurate large diameter gage for your application. We have considerable experience in developing gages for large diameters. We will find the most repeatable and accurate gaging option and combine it with our ability to compensate in real time for the effects of temperature, to provide the most accurate gaging solution. A Bar Gage, such as the one shown to the right, is often used for these applications.


Custom large OD gages can be quoted. Example in picture: 25 inch to 29 inch snap gage.


In this example (right) a modified bar gage concept, known affectionately as a "donut" gage, was developed to accommodate the geometry of a workpiece that was otherwise difficult to measure. At the top of the picture a wire can be seen emerging from the temperature sensor embedded in the gage, painted blue, that monitors the temperature of the gage fixture.


In operation, Albion's temperature compensating system reads the LVDT output and applies temperature compensation in real time. Note that the workpiece sensor is positioned so that it picks up the temperature of the workpiece, and of the master when the gage is being zeroed.


Here an operator is shown finding the high point.





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