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Fireball Digital Adapter for LVDTs and Temperature Sensors


(Minimum order quantity required. Contact Albion.)


A low cost way to convert your analog gaging probes to digital gaging probes and Albion Temperature Sensors to USB connectivity. Plug one or more Fireball-adapted probes into PC USB ports and connect to your gaging software, or to our low cost gaging software for an instant gaging system. Our gaging software can output to other software, such as an SPC or preferred gaging program, on your PC or on another PC.

See demo

View Youtube video, click here

Available for Full Bridge (LVDT) and Half Bridge probes, 2mm, 4mm and 8mm measuring range, plus all of Albion's sensors

  • Low cost, user friendly.

  • Cost per measurement channel lower even than LVDT with signal conditioning board.

  • Do it yourself, or have Albion convert your existing LVDTs or half bridges to Fireball USB connectivity.

  • No expensive external signal conditioning and amplification circuitry required.

  • Overall lower system cost than LVDTs or other digital probes.

  • Self contained electronics for a digital output, suitable for interfacing to a PC.

  • Reduces clutter and expense by eliminating innumerable system components.

  • Used for gaging and positioning measurement.

  • Adapts LVDT or half bridge, and increases gaging performance.

  • Pre-calibrated at the factory.

  • No recurrent re-calibration.

  • Minimal setup time. Plug and play.

  • Requires single master only, so halves the cost of needing MIN and MAX masters.

  • Quantity usage limited only by number of available USB ports on PC or hubs.

  • Low cost basic gaging software.

  • Optional interface to SPC programs.